A Guide To Navigating The Dos And Don’ts Of Dumpster Rental

December 27, 2023

There’s no question that a dumpster rental service can be a great way to handle waste management. Bringing the dumpster on-site gives you a simple solution to get rid of the things you no longer need and clean up the area as easily as possible. Junk removal doesn’t have to be complicated, because our team can take care of the dumpster delivery, pickup, disposal, and beyond.

When you are preparing to rent a dumpster, it’s essential to talk to the dumpster rental company about available options and the rules that you’ll need to follow. Dumpster rental can be safe and easy. But there are specific do’s and don’ts that you must follow to ensure you are complying with regulations and avoiding unnecessary fees.

Do’s For A Dumpster Rental Service

Here are some of the details and steps that can improve your experience using a dumpster rental:

  • Do Plan Ahead: While there are times when a dumpster rental can be delivered with short notice, it’s best to plan ahead. If you know that you are going to need help with junk removal in the coming weeks or months, then reach out to our team as soon as possible. You can plan ahead with a dumpster rental service by booking the dumpster when you know you will be starting a major construction project. Bringing the dumpster on site in the beginning will minimize delays and help you avoid schedule issues.
  • Do Choose the Best Size: What size of dumpster will be ideal for your project? There are different sizes available, and our team can offer recommendations about the best size for your unique needs. Choosing a dumpster that is too small can cost more money overall if our team needs to pick up the filled dumpster and bring you another empty container. On the other hand, a dumpster that goes unfilled because it is too big can also cost more than you should be paying. The best solution is to talk to us to estimate the amount of debris so that we can offer recommendations for the dumpster size.
  • Do Consider the Type of Waste: Do you have standard debris, such as typical construction materials from a home demolition project? Then a standard dumpster will be sufficient. But if there are any unique items that need to be handled for your junk removal, then talk to our dumpster rental service about the details. For example, hazardous materials and organic waste can’t be disposed of in a typical dumpster.
  • Do Follow the Rental Terms: Read through the dumpster rental service contractor to understand the terms and conditions for using your dumpster. There is important information that you should pay attention to, including the timeline, pickup process, and more. Following these terms will help you avoid unnecessary fees and problems.

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Don’ts For A Dumpster Rental Service

In addition to following the “do” guidelines above, there are a few things you should avoid doing when you are using a dumpster rental:

  • Don’t Overload or Overfill: There are weight limitations and filling guidelines that must be followed. If you overfill the dumpster, then it can result in liability issues because of debris that fall out of the dumpster during transit. Never overfill the dumpster! Instead, schedule another dumpster rental for the remaining debris that must be removed.
  • Don’t Place Hazardous Materials in the Dumpster: Not only are hazardous materials dangerous for the environment, but placing these materials in the dumpster can result in expensive fines. Talk to the dumpster rental service about the items and dumpster debris that are allowed. If you have other hazardous materials that need to be disposed of, then discuss alternatives for junk removal services.
  • Don’t Procrastinate Your Dumpster Rental: It’s easy for small details to fall through the cracks when you are planning a major project. But if you procrastinate on some things, it can delay the schedule. Remember that dumpster rental companies have limited inventory. So, if you wait until the last minute to schedule your dumpster delivery, then you could miss out on the opportunity if there are no dumpsters available.
  • Don’t Hire a Company Without Research: Just because you find a dumpster rental service online, doesn’t mean that the first company you find is the one you should hire. There are liability and safety concerns when a team is bringing a dumpster on your property. So, always do your research before choosing a dumpster rental company. Hiring a trusted team gives you the peace of mind to know that you have quality support every step of the way.


What Types Of Items Are Acceptable For Dumpster Disposal?

There are many different things that can be placed in a dumpster, which is why a dumpster rental service is ideal for a variety of personal and business projects. Examples of items that are acceptable include:

  • Building Materials: Different types of materials and scraps can be disposed of in the dumpster, including wood, asphalt, drywall, subflooring, tiles, concrete, and brick. Just make sure you are following the dumpster weight requirements if you are disposing of heavy materials.
  • Household Junk: If you are clearing out the house and you want to make more space in your living environment, then hire a dumpster rental service. Many smaller items can be placed in the dumpster, such as clothing, toys, and knick-knacks. Make sure to place the bigger items first, such as furniture. Then, the smaller items can fill in the open space.
  • Appliances: The disposal of appliances varies depending on your location. Some cities don’t allow smaller appliances to be disposed of in the dumpsters. Examples of smaller appliances that might be allowed include dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, washing machines, and dryers. But always check first before placing these items in the dumpster.

Things that are not permitted in dumpsters include aerosol cans, adhesives, paint, refrigerators, tires, car batteries, fuel tanks, water tanks, and any other potentially hazardous materials.

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