Do I Need a Permit for My Demolition Project?

April 5, 2024

If you are getting ready to begin a demolition project, then there are a few essential steps that must be followed before your demolition contractor gets to work. Regulations and permitting requirements control how small- to large-size buildings and structures can be demolished.

While it might seem like a hassle to follow the pre-demolition process, this step is critical to avoid any delays or issues during the project. Our team at Venditti, LLC is here to help every step of the way. We offer the customized services you need, including obtaining the demolition permit, completing all city-required inspections, designing the ideal plan, and more. Call today to learn more about how our services will be beneficial for your project.

Yes, You Need a Demolition Permit!

The simple answer is: yes, most demolition projects in Texas require permits. Whether you are tearing down an old barn or taking down a large commercial building, it’s essential to make sure that all permits are in hand before the heavy equipment moves onsite.

Most homeowners and business owners don’t have any experience with demolition or the permits paperwork. Luckily, hiring an experienced demolition contractor, such as Venditti, LLC, is a simple way to make sure you are following all rules and regulations.

While you have the option to apply for a demolition permit, it’s likely that your demolition contractor will handle this part of the process. Your contractor has filled out this paperwork many times before, so they know what needs to be done in order to receive the permit as quickly as possible.

Verifying That New Construction Will Be Permitted

In addition to accessing the demolition permit, it’s also important to make sure that you will be permitted to begin new construction after the site has been cleared. Not only do you need a demolition contractor to take down the old structure, but you also want to work with the Development Services Department to ensure your new construction plans will be approved.

As with any demolition or construction project, it’s essential to always be thinking a few steps ahead. Once the project starts moving forward, all subsequent contractors and construction steps depend on the successful completion of the previous phases. So, it’s smart to work with your demolition contractor and construction contractors to look ahead for the things that you might need to coordinate in advance.

Other Permits You Might Need

In addition to the demolition permit, there are other permits you might need to obtain before your demolition contractor gets started. Some of these other permits are necessary to prepare the site for construction (such as putting in utilities), while other permits might be needed when you begin construction on the new building. Examples include:

  • Building permits
  • Plumbing permits
  • Mechanical permits
  • Electrical permits

The specific construction or demolition permits you need depend on the unique size and characteristics of your project.

What is the Difference? Residential vs. Commercial Demolition Permits

While there are some similarities between residential and commercial demolition projects, specific strategies and methods vary depending on the size and location of the structure that is being demolished. Residential demolition permits and commercial demolition permits both require pre-approval by the right city departments. Additionally, there are extra steps that might need to be followed.

For example, if you have a residential building that is older than 40 years, then it’s likely that the Planning and Zoning Department will require the Historic Preservation Office to review the home and plans. The Historic Landmark Commission might also be involved.

Just because these departments need to complete a site evaluation and/or demolition inspection doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t receive the permit. However, you still must go through the right steps to ensure that everything is in place when you start the demolition process.

For a commercial demolition, a site plan approval or exemption will be needed. The permitting process is a bit more in-depth compared to residential demolitions. Your demolition contractor can offer specific courses of action depending on the details of your project and the type of building that is being demolished.


  1. Why Do You Need a Demolition Permit for Small Projects?

Even if you are demolishing a small home, the permitting process is necessary to ensure safety and environmental protection. Check your city’s Building Department website for more information. Your demolition contractor can also offer guidance and insight about when and why the permits are required.

  1. When is a Demolition Inspection Necessary?

It might be required to have a demolition inspection if your project meets certain requirements. For example, if it is a total demolition, then the permitting process is necessary. Additionally, qualifying partial demolitions require permits, such as projects that remove more than half of the walls within the building.

  1. When is an Asbestos Survey Required?

Talk to your demolition contractor to determine whether an asbestos survey is required before starting demolition. In the State of Texas, most commercial remodeling or dismantling requires an Asbestos Survey in addition to a demolition permit.

Contact a Local Demolition Contractor for Assistance

There is a lot that goes into demolition and construction. When you are preparing for an upcoming project, the best thing you can do is reach out to an experienced demolition contractor for help. The earlier you hire the experts, the higher the likelihood that you will have success with your project. An experienced contractor will help you avoid common roadblocks, access the necessary permits, and streamline the entire process from start to finish.

When you are ready for more information, contact our team at Venditti, LLC. In addition to demolition, we offer a range of other services you might need, including excavation, utilities, trucking, debris removal, and more. Reach out at your convenience to request a consultation.

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