Follow These Steps When Hiring Commercial Demolition Contractors

November 3, 2023

You’re preparing to break ground on a new project: an office for your business or a dream home. It’s an exciting time, and this experience can also be stressful because of all the moving parts that need to come together for a successful outcome.

One obstacle that might need to be tackled is the demolition of any existing structures on the property. Due to the size and nature of this project, the best solution is to hire commercial demolition contractors to help.

An experienced commercial team will not only break down the structures but will also offer full-service solutions to remove the debris from the job site. The goal is to create a clean slate where you can begin construction.

Here are a few important steps to follow when you are preparing to hire commercial demolition contractors:

Step #1: Research Local Commercial Demolition Services

You need to know your options before you decide to move forward with a demolition team. Start by researching local contractors. Put together a list of contractors in your area, then compare the services and experience they bring to the table.

Finding local providers is the ideal solution because a local team will likely be cheaper compared to bringing in an outside contractor. If the commercial demolition contractors need to travel, your expenses will go up to cover the travel costs, additional time, and the high costs of bringing in heavy equipment from another location.

Step #2: Scope of Work

Put together your scope of work, then talk to different contractors to find out their anticipated timeline for the project. The more information you provide, the more accurate the timeline estimates will be. For example, tell them if it is a straightforward office building demolition, as well as the building materials and square footage of the building being demolished.

Also, specify whether you want to keep the foundation or if the foundation needs to be removed. The contractor will also want to know about the accessibility of the property, whether other structures are in the area, and if there are any hazardous materials that need to be handled.

Step #3: Ask About Availability

There’s no reason to wait if the rest of your construction planning is ready to go. If you are feeling excited and anxious to start with commercial demolition services as soon as possible, then it’s important that you find a team with availability.

If commercial demolition contractors already have a full schedule, then it means that your demolition services might be delayed by weeks or even months. Also, consider the time of year. Contractors tend to be busier during the summer months. So, it’s easier to get a faster turnaround time if you are starting demolition during the off-season.

Step #4: Check Licensing and Insurance

Demolition can be a risky project, which is why you need to be sure that the professionals are on site. Before hiring commercial demolition contractors, ask about the team’s credentials and licensing. Make sure they have the proper licensing for the local area.

Also, double-check that the contractor has good insurance coverage. If someone is hurt or something goes wrong on the project, you want to ensure financial coverage is available to pay for the necessary costs.

A good contractor will always have their licensing available and will often include this information in their estimates and contractors.

Step #5: Discuss Potential Risks and Safety Concerns

Are there any unique elements that need to be addressed as part of your commercial demolition services? Your contractor can do a site visit to complete a risk assessment. Not only will these potential risks be identified, but a proper safety plan can be implemented to protect everyone on site. Make sure that the team is up to date in their security and safety training, and find out if they have experience with the specific risks that need to be addressed.

Not only can risks be a problem for the demolition team, but risks could affect neighbors and other people visiting the work site. Examples of risks that might need to be mitigated include the vibration of heavy equipment resulting in structural damage to nearby buildings, flying debris, job site theft, injury, and live utility services (water, gas, and electricity).

Step #6: Always Have a Written Estimate in Hand

Before your commercial demolition contractors get started, make sure that you have a written estimate in hand. This proposal should include details for anticipated labor costs, equipment needed, handling special materials, and a full scope of work.

Most of the time, contractors calculate the demolition costs based on square footage. The price range can vary depending on the types of materials that are being handled and the overall scope of the project. You can expect the estimates to be higher if hazardous materials need to be removed, as well as the anticipated expenses for hauling debris to the landfill.

Ask questions and check the scope of work to ensure everything is included in the estimate. It’s a good idea to get several estimates from local commercial demolition services so you can compare the scope of work and estimated costs.

Step #7: Get a Written Contract

Once you choose the commercial demolition contractors you want to work with, it’s time to move forward with a written contract. A handshake deal isn’t sufficient, especially considering the size of the project.

You and the contractor should sign this contract. The document needs to include all relevant information, including payment terms, anticipated timelines, who will be completing the work, permits that need to be acquired, and the scope of work for the actual demolition and materials disposal.

Make sure all legal details are handled before the contractor steps foot on the job site.

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