Summer Demolition: Safely Removing Old Structures for New Beginnings

August 23, 2023

Often, demolition is the first necessary step to prepare for new construction or a fresh landscaping project. You need to clear the area and create a “blank slate” that is ready for the new projects you are undertaking. If you are undertaking a summer demolition project, then there are a few things that are essential to ensure the safety of everyone in the area.

It’s essential to understand the potential danger that can occur, even with seemingly small demolition projects. Then, put a few safety strategies in place to avoid issues during the demolition. The best solution is to hire an experienced demolition team to help, so that you aren’t taking on the risk yourself.

Here are a few essential summer demolition safety tips that you can follow:

Make a Plan

Never get started on a demolition project until you have a specific plan in place. You need to understand the type of structure or building that is being demolished, as well as any potential hazards that need to be addressed. This plan helps you mitigate any problems so that you can ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Start with a site survey to find any issues or hazards that might be present. Look for structural issues with the building, such as floors or walls that are unstable. Then, you can be proactive about taking precautions as needed.

For example, part of the plan should be an evaluation and preparation for electrical wires, piping, and other details that require special attention during the summer demolition. Also, you need to prepare with the right equipment and a plan to remove the debris from the site. Working through these details in advance will help you avoid issues and problems when the demolition begins.

Use the Right Equipment

Basic tools from the garage probably won’t be enough to demolish the building safely. Heavy machinery can be helpful for tearing down the structures effectively, while protecting the workers at the same time. Make sure that only trained professionals are using the machinery in order to avoid an accident or unintended property damage.

Next, make sure that everyone on site is using proper safety equipment: hard hats, ear protection, safety goggles, gloves, masks, and steel toe boots. This equipment is helpful for protecting team members if there is any falling debris or hazards in the area.

Handling Dust and Debris

It’s inevitable that you will have a lot of dust and debris to deal with during the demolition. Unfortunately, these things can pose serious health threats. So, you should always be proactive about controlling the dust suppression and debris management, while also ensuring that people are protected with respirators when needed.

Debris is dangerous because it can fall on people and cause serious injuries. Dust is dangerous if it is inhaled since dust exposure can result in respiratory issues.

Debris can be managed by having dedicated waste removal systems in place, such as dumpsters or even a truck that is ready to haul everything away. When it comes to dust, many demolition contractors use water to dampen down the dust. Additionally, barriers can be helpful to prevent the dust from spreading, especially when a portion or room is being demolished and you want to protect the other areas of the building.

Consider the Weather

Even though demolition can be done throughout the year, weather can play a role in how easy or hard it is to complete the project. For example, if you are working on a summer demolition project and a storm rolls through, then the rain and high winds can make it difficult to complete the job safely.

So, check the weather report and plan ahead based on the forecast. Never operate heavy machinery when it’s too windy. Also, the wind can increase the likelihood of heavy debris flying around, which could result in injury or damage to surrounding structures.

A sunny or cloudy day can be great conditions for a summer demolition project. But keep in mind the potential danger if it’s too hot outside. High heat can result in heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion. So, it’s best to work early in the morning before the heat of the day. Also, take time for breaks and make sure to stay hydrated when you are spending time outside in the sun.

Maintain Open Communication

When there are multiple people on site, make sure that you are keeping open communication with everyone who is helping with the project. It can be helpful to have communication devices, especially on larger work sites or situations where people are driving heavy machinery.

Have an emergency plan in place. Hopefully nothing will go wrong during your summer demolition. But you need to know how you will handle the situation if you run into any issues.

Other examples of good communication include assigning specific responsibilities for safety and preventing accidents. Then, have a good communication system in place so that everyone can respond quickly and effectively in the unlikely situation that an emergency occurs.

Call the Summer Demolition Experts

Some property owners are motivated to attempt a DIY demolition because they want to save money. But you need to understand the potential consequences that can occur if you undertake a summer demolition project and you don’t have any experience with this type of work.

Not only can it be challenging to complete a demolition without the proper, professional equipment. But Homeowners and property owners often put themselves at risk when trying to complete this type of project without experience. The ideal solution is to bring in an experienced team to handle the demolition. Additionally, you can have the benefit of both demolition and excavation services from the same contractor. Then, you can focus your priorities on other parts of the project and have the peace of mind to know that you are avoiding risks at the same time.

Do you need assistance with your summer demolition project? Reach out to a demolition contractor for more information about available services. Contact our team at Venditti Demolition, LLC when you are ready for a consultation.

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