The Ultimate Guide to Landscaping Removal Techniques

October 30, 2023

Many elements need to go into a landscaping project to ensure the outcome that you desire. Not only do you need to plan the features, trees, and other design elements that you want to add to the yard. But it’s just as important to prioritize landscape removal so you can prepare the area.

The truth is that many homeowners and business owners underestimate how much work will be required for landscape removal. Not only do you need to identify and demolish the things that will be removed, but you also need a method for hauling the debris away.

First Step: Landscape Removal

Once you have the landscaping plans in place, there is always a first step that must be addressed before you can start the excavation and construction. Any items or debris in the way of the landscaping design will need to be removed.

The most effective way to handle this first step is to hire a landscape removal team for assistance. Not only will you save your back by avoiding the hauling, but you can also free up your time and energy to focus on other parts of the project that will be coming up.

Clearing the land and removing these items is essential to give you a clean slate for the rest of the project. You’ll need to clear out old, dead bushes, unwanted rocks, demolished structures, and more. Once these items are removed, you have the space and freedom to create anything you desire on this newly cleared land.

Does It Make Sense to Hire a Landscape Removal Contractor?

Consider hiring a professional team to assist with landscape removal for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from these services:

  • Physically Demanding Work: It requires a high level of fitness to put in the work for debris removal. If you aren’t usually participating in similar activities, then it means that you might be at a higher risk of injury due to the physical demands. Not everyone has what it takes to haul away rocks, trees, and demolition materials.
  • Waste Removal Costs: Keep in mind that a DIY landscape removal project isn’t free. Not only are you paying for the many hours you spend on the project, but other costs will also be incurred for truck rental, landfill fees, and more. Compare the DIY estimated costs with a professional service, then find a way to fit these expert services into your budget. You might be surprised that hauling services for landscape removal can be more affordable than you expect – especially when you handle the cleanup and the provider takes care of the hauling.
  • Items to Remove: Different methods must be used depending on the items that must be removed from your yard. So, talk to a landscape removal contractor about the things that need to be hauled away, then ask for their recommendations about the ideal location to take the waste. If anything is hazardous, such as asbestos or chemicals, then special care must be taken to protect the environment and maintain safety. Costs will be higher for these removals. Still, it’s worth the expert services to avoid injury or health implications.

What Can Be Hauled Away with Landscape Removal Services?

The good news is that every landscape removal project can be customized to the client’s unique needs. You determine your goals for the project, then talk to our team to learn more about the ways these things can be done.

Our team at Venditti LLC offers a variety of landscape removal solutions, including:

  • Landscape Rock Removal: It’s common to remove rocks if the soil is rocky and you plan to put in trees, bushes, and other plants. For example, you might remove a certain amount of the rocky soil and then bring in topsoil that will be easier to work with. Also, this landscape removal service can be helpful for getting rid of old landscaping rocks that won’t fit into your new yard design.
  • Landscaping and Tree Removal: Most of the time, the desire is to leave beautiful trees in place. But there are times when trees need to be removed because they are in the way of construction or posing a threat to nearby structures. Once the tree is taken down safely, you will need to be prepared to handle tree removal to clear the wood off your land.
  • Landscaping Dirt Removal: There are several reasons why dirt might need to be removed. For example, if you are working on excavation and don’t have anywhere to put the excess dirt, then it might be necessary to hire landscape removal services to haul the excess dirt away. Some clients choose dirt removal because they want to bring in a different type of dirt for the project.

Tips: How to Remove Landscape Rock

If you are removing gravel or rocks, it will require a bit of manual labor. However, certain equipment and tools can simplify this process and make clearing everything that needs to be removed easier. There’s no reason you need to be overwhelmed by this task, especially when you hire a landscape removal contractor to help.

When it’s small rocks or gravel, then a rock screening rake can do the job of removing rocks sitting on the surface. Work the soil to pull out the rocks, then move them to the disposal truck or dumpster. A wheelbarrow can be an effective method for small- or medium-sized projects.

In the situation where there is landscaping fabric under the rocks, it can be even easier. Pick up the cloth underneath, and you will be able to remove the rocks all at once.

On the other hand, a little more work is required when the rocks have worked their way into the ground. You’ll need to have a way to break up the soil and pull the rocks out. For example, you might need to use a shovel to move the dirt into a soil sieve that will separate the soil from the rocks.

Call the Experts for Landscape Removal Services

If you don’t have the time or energy to handle these projects, then it’s time to call the landscape removal experts. Contact our team at Venditti, LLC, to learn more about available services.