What Are Excavation Services?

October 10, 2022

Before starting your next residential or commercial construction project, you want to be sure the land you are building on is prepared properly for the type of structure and services it will provide. You want to hire a professional demolition company that offers top-quality excavation services before laying down your foundation. Venditti Demolition provides Austin with a full range of demolition services that include excavation, landscaping, and demolition of any structure on your property.

At Venditti Demolition, we provide Central Texas with professional demolition and excavation services to prep your property for construction, exploration, or environmental restoration. Our contractors are fully licensed and insured and have experience working on all types of excavation projects. We take great pride in caring for our environment and ensuring all of our projects follow all environmental rules and regulations. For more information on our demolition services, send us a message online or call us at 512.430.0973 today to speak with one of our friendly team members.

What Are Excavation Services?

Excavation is the process in which dirt, rock, debris, and other natural and manmade materials are removed from a site. It involves using various tools and equipment to develop the site for construction and make sure the land can handle the foundation and structures being built. It also includes digging trenches for plumbing and other equipment, removing topsoil for new landscaping, and removing any muck or unstable sections that can lead to sinkholes or other foundation problems.

The common types of equipment used in excavation services include:

  • Power shovels
  • Bulldozers
  • Angle dozers
  • Scrapers
  • Dredgers
  • Backhoes

At Venditti Demolition, our fleet of excavator equipment is modern and well-maintained to ensure nothing will break down on site. Each project is run by an experienced manager who will ensure all environmental regulations are being followed and everyone on site is safe throughout the project.

Types of Excavation Services

Finding the right excavation services for your construction project is essential to create a solid foundation to build upon. If you are wondering which type of service is best for your project,  here are some of the common types of excavation services:

  • Cut and fill excavation – This service involves removing massive amounts of land to prepare for a construction project. Rock, sand, gravel, and other materials are stripped away, and the area is shaped, graded, and prepped for the foundation.
  • Drainage excavation – This type of excavation works to create trenches and channels for water to drain away from your site. This allows for storm drains and piping to be installed and connected to the main water and sewage system. This service is very beneficial to areas that are prone to flooding.
  • Borrow excavation – Instead of removing dirt, rock, and other debris from your site, sometimes you will need to bring in dirt or gravel to fill certain sections of your property for a level surface. Haulers bring in materials to fill and level the land and prep it for your foundation.
  • Chanel excavation – This type of excavation involves fixing a ditch or channel’s existing water flow. It removes any debris causing sediment buildup, flooding, or water stagnation and can widen trenches for improved flow.
  • Topsoil excavation – This service removes the topmost surface of your land up to 12 inches deep. It is best for removing vegetation, muck, rocks, and other materials that cause an uneven or unstable surface.

No two construction projects are the same, and they will need different types of excavation services to properly prep the land for landscaping, residential, or commercial buildings.

Venditti Demolition: Your Best Resource for Demolition Services in Austin

At Venditti Demolition, we have over 50 years of experience working with residential and commercial demolition projects. All of our operators are safety certified, and we have a close working relationship with the city of Austin for on-time filing of all demolition paperwork.

For your next excavation project, choose the best demolition company in Austin by calling 512.430.0973 today to schedule a free estimate.

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