What Is Selective Demolition?

October 3, 2022

Renovating existing home and office complexes is very popular today and much cheaper than leveling the building and starting from ground zero. It cuts down on the amount of material you need to complete your project and eases the burden we put on our environment. Selective demolition allows for the partial demolition of a building to renovate and bring it up to today’s current construction standards. Selective demolition is just one of the many demolition services provided by Venditti Demolition in Austin, TX.

At Venditti Demolition, we have over 50 years of experience in the demolition industry and can take on your next residential or commercial demolition project. Our selective demolition services allow for the safe demolition of interior and exterior walls, including the removal of asbestos, lead paint, and other hazardous materials. To learn more about our demolition services, call 512.430.0973 today to schedule a consultation and a free estimate for your next demolition project.

What Is Selective Demolition?

When remodeling a home or office complex, it is not always necessary to take the structure down to its foundation and start from scratch. You can save the existing structure and supporting walls that you want to keep through selective demolition. This type of service takes down select interior and exterior walls, salvages reusable materials, caps existing utility lines, and ensures safe egress in case of emergencies during demolition.

Demolition of a building is not a simple process. There are many city, state, and federal regulations that you need to follow to protect the environment and the people on or near the site. If any violations of these rules occur, it can cost you thousands of dollars in daily fines, construction delays, and potential jail time.

At Venditti Demolition, we offer selective demolition along with a full range of demolition services. We will answer all of your questions during the initial consultation, including what selective demolition is and how it can benefit your current residential or commercial construction project.

The Benefits of Selective Demolition

For residential and commercial construction companies, selective demolition is the preferred way to demolish parts of an older building. It allows you to update the interior and exterior to make it more modern while preserving historic architectural features that make the building unique.

Here are some additional benefits of selective demolition:

  • Hiring a professional demolition company takes the worry of filing paperwork out of your hands. They will file all applications and notifications on time, so there are no delays or fines.
  • Your site will be fully inspected, and all areas scheduled for demolition will be checked for hazardous materials that require special handling.
  • Prior to demolition, all utilities will be cut and capped to those areas without disrupting utilities to other parts of the building that are not under construction.
  • All members on site will wear protective gear to ensure their safety, and an escape route will be established in case of emergencies.
  • They will save any reusable materials to cut down on new material costs.
  • The site will be stripped down to its framing with proper support for load-bearing walls.
  • At the end of the project, the site will be cleaned and inspected to ensure all demolition work is complete.

Selective demolition is the best option when you want to keep the majority of the structure and only want to remodel part of the interior or exterior of the building.

Venditti Demolition: High-Quality Demolition Services

At Venditti Demolition, we are a full-service demolition company servicing Austin and Central Texas. Our team has experience with all types of selective and full demolition projects, and we have a close working relationship with the city to ensure on-time filing of all demolition paperwork. We offer a full range of demolition services, including:

Reach out to our professional team today by calling 512.430.0973 to get a free estimate for selective demolition for your next commercial or residential construction project.

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