Is It Necessary to Hire a Demolition Contractor for Inground Pool Installation?

April 10, 2023

Are you ready to make your dream of a backyard swimming pool a reality? If this is the year that you are going to invest in a pool installation, then you need to be ready for a lot of work and construction in the yard. Rest assured it’s worth the effort when you get to enjoy the ongoing benefits of a private backyard pool!

As you are preparing for the pool installation, one of the first steps is to hire a demolition contractor. Bringing in the right team is essential so the ground is prepared and ready for the pool installation.

Do You Need Demolition Before a Pool Installation?

Demolition isn’t always required before installing a swimming pool. It depends on the site where the pool will be installed. Here are a few examples of reasons why you might need to hire a demolition contractor first:

  • Removing an Existing Pool: If you have an older pool in place and you want to upgrade it to a bigger or nicer design, then the existing pool needs to be demolished and removed. Sometimes, certain elements of the existing pool can remain in place, but you will need to talk to your demolition contractor and pool installation team for personalized recommendations.
  • Clearing the Property: Another reason why you might need to hire a demolition contractor is because there is an existing structure or building that must be removed. For example, if there is a shed or a separate building you are no longer using in the backyard, then this building needs to be cleared out of the way so the site can be excavated.
  • Existing Concrete or Decking: Do you have concrete or other yard features in the area where you are planning to put the pool? Then you’ll need to hire a demolition contractor to break down the concrete and haul the materials away.

If you suspect that demolition might be needed, then the best approach is to talk to an experienced contractor for personalized recommendations.

Hiring a Demolition and Excavation Contractor

The good news is that many demolition contractors also offer excavation services as well. You can hire a contractor to complete the demolition first, then complete the excavation that is needed – such as digging out the foundation for the swimming pool placement.

Or, you might only need excavation services without the demolition. For example, if there is only a bit of vegetation that needs to be cleared before moving the dirt and digging the foundation, then it’s not necessary to pay for demolition. Excavation services cover everything necessary to prepare the site.

Hire a Demolition Contractor for Pool Removal

When you already have a pool installed and you want to remove this feature from your yard, then this might be the perfect time to call a demolition contractor for assistance. Not only will the team break down the pool and remove the materials, but they also have the right strategies to ensure the space is backfilled correctly.

Bringing in the proper backfill materials and using the ideal equipment is necessary to ensure the stability of the ground after a swimming pool demolition. There is a lot more work and effort that goes into this process that many people don’t realize is necessary.

Why Hire a Pro Demolition Contractor

Is it necessary to hire an expert team for this project, or should you attempt a DIY to prepare the site before bringing in the pool installation team? Even though you can find DIY tutorials online, there are many reasons why it’s not recommended to attempt DIY demolition. If something goes wrong, then the results can be devastating!

Here are a few reasons why it’s best to hire a professional team for help with a demolition:

  • Professional Recommendations: There are many decisions involved in demolition and site preparation before constructing any structure – including a swimming pool. When you hire a demolition contractor, you can rest assured knowing that the pros will stay by your side every step of the way, providing the ideal recommendations for your unique needs.
  • Proper Tools and Equipment: Not only is demolition intensive, but it can also be impossible to complete without the right tools and equipment. A demolition contractor already has everything that is necessary for proper structure removal and hauling the leftover materials away from the site.
  • Knowledge and Experience: It brings a lot of peace of mind to know that a team of experts is on the job. When the pros are helping with the project, then you can have confidence in knowing that the outcome will be ideal for the results that you need. Nothing beats hands-on experience from a contractor who has been working in the industry for many years.
  • Safety is Priority: There’s no doubt about it: demolition can be a dangerous project. In addition to navigating utility lines, gas, and pipes, there is also a physical risk when breaking down heavy materials. Don’t risk your health and wellness with a DIY project! Instead, it’s better to bring in the experts who understand the ideal practices for safety every step of the way. Leaving the job to the expects means that every precaution will be implemented to avoid injury.
  • Faster Results: It’s easy to see that an expert team will complete the job faster. Hire a demolition contractor so you can clear the site right away. Then, the land will be ready for swimming pool installation so the next crew can get started.
  • Prevent Future Issues: When you are investing in a swimming pool or any other type of home improvement project, it makes sense to get the job done right initially so you can avoid future issues. There are many small details that inexperienced homeowners don’t think about for DIY projects, such as proper site drainage, disposing of the demolition materials, as well as excavating and compacting the site after demolition.

Call for a Consultation with a Demolition Contractor

If you are getting ready for a swimming pool installation, then we invite you to call at your convenience to learn more about demolition and excavation services. Contact us at Venditti Demolition, LLC to schedule a consultation and get an estimate for your project.

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